The Lazy Client

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“I swear I clean and brush them everyday!” (Hasn’t purchased lash bath in months)

“I just don’t understand why they fall out so quickly” (Sleeps on their face)

“I only went swimming, used heat, or applied makeup “once” and cleaned them!” (Still has salt residue, lashes are fried, and mascara is clumped up)

We’ve heard and seen it all! Trying to help and combat the “lazy” clientele that just doesn’t want to take care of their investments let alone your hard work and time can often be tiring for you and them and can often be very frustrating. Below you will find some tips that you can implement in your business to try and help when these instances happen.


Showcase and retail aftercare kits!
Add them to the pricing of a first time as a package deal so they start with what they need right off the bat
This also a great opportunity to retail oil-free items such as SPF, make-up remover and serums

Ask at every appointment if they need any lash bath, spoolies or other cleansing products.

Post weekly….maybe daily reminders on your socials to CLEAN THOSE LASHES
Tell you clients to set an alarm or write themselves a note!

Make sure all of your clients are educated on the importance of taking care of their lashes

Send text or email reminders with cute graphics to help them remember to cleanse

Keep track of when your clients buy aftercare products and reach out when it should be time to restock

Make a cute calendar to help clients keep track of their daily washes (Make it fun!)


None of these are guaranteed to kick your clients into gear but it doesn’t hurt to try, plus it shows you care!

-The LT Team!