LT Spotlight- Mikayla Garth

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It’s Friday so you know what that means… Spotlight Time! Today we will be spotlighting Mikayla Garth from Denver, CO. She has been lashing for 4 years now!

Mikayla Garth

Instagram Handle/Website:

Denver, CO

Name of Salon/Studio:
Suite Creations Lash Studio

How long have you been lashing? Where did you receive your certification/training? 

4 years at Flash Your Lash

What made you decide to be a lash artist? 

I love the way they made me feel. I felt like my look was completed and I wanted others the feel the same way. After taking the class I began to love what I do.

What is your favorite thing about being a Lash Artist? 

It would have to be making women feel beautiful. Every set is personalized which makes it different every time.

Have you taken any continuing education or advanced classes in lash artistry? If so, when and what? 

Yes, I took 2 training classes with Lash Blvd in 2019 for classic lashes and volume lashes. And in 2020 I took a training class with Illumino Lash.

How long have you been using Lash Tavern products? 

3 years!

What is your favorite Lash Tavern product and why? 

I absolutely love the lashes! They are so natural looking.

What are your hobbies outside of lashing? 

Spending time with my family.

What is the hardest lesson you have had to learn while lashing? 

I would say learning how to deal with clients who are not willing to pay or who constantly try to get discounted services.

Do you have any advice for new lash artists?

I would tell them to never discount your services.

Thank you Mikayla, for being our spotlight of the week. We are proud of the work and artistry you provide lash clients in Colorado!