Picture Perfect

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We know you see them all over Instagram, the perfect pictures of the perfect set with the perfect eyebrows. Pssst, we have a secret to tell you… most of them are edited! Ahhh sorry to drop the bomb but you need to know!

We understand it can be hard to remember to take pictures as your days are busy but try to factor it into your schedule so that you can build a portfolio of your work and grow your following as well as your clientele through your photos. Everyone always wants to see the proof and be able to tell and show you “I want something like this,” or “I like this style but can we add or change this?”

When it comes time to actually take the pictures we highly suggest taking them in square form so that they are compatible with all social media. We also retail a very useful tool you can attach to your camera on your phone that allows you to take magnified pictures and also has the capability to take wide angle pictures as well. If you search “clip-on photo magnifier” on our website you’ll be able to find it!

Many artist will edit their clients skin and eyebrows, although it looks great sometimes raw, organic and original client photos are more inviting. Always double check with your clients before heavily editing their photos, often times they can be offended if things are drastically changed. There are multiple editing apps such as Lightroom that you can use to edit pictures. There’s also apps like Canva where you can make borders or add your logo for uniformity.

Last but most certainly not least let’s talk about lighting. If possible try to use natural lighting, we understand that often times this isn’t always available in that case ring lights have a great outcome with pictures.

We hope these tips help your photos go from “HELP!” to “BAM!” Let us know what else you do that is helpful for your lash photos!

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