Policies and Protocols

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Anyone else dread the long but needed section in any employee onboarding process of policies and protocols? What about creating them and having to implement them and be the enforcer?

Welcome to owning your own business babe. As it is the year 2021 most lash artist have similar standards when it comes to their business. The mundane but mandatory needs for these policies will help ensure you don’t get taken advantage of (although many will try) and set the tone for your business.

To dive deeper we are going to give you some ideas of policies you can have in place to help your business run a little smoother and cover all your bases.

The first one is late shows and/or cancelations as well as no shows. Never say never. It will happen. Life happens, we all understand that, but at the end of the day you have a business to run and that must be taken seriously by all. Each situation will be different but that is why it is important to have these policies and protocols in place and have your clients sign in agreement at booking. Decide what you think is acceptable versus what you will absolutely not deal with and type it up professionally. It is okay to be straight forward when it comes to your standards.

Have a fill policy! This is where some opinions start to differentiate. Some go by percent of lashes left and others by 2 or 3 week fill prices. Decide what works best for you. you know your work and retention. Go off of that and what would be most beneficial for you and your clients overall. We will advise though, anything less than 60% should be charged as a full set.

Last but certainly not least, create a policy for the environment you want. Read that again. Trust us you will hear and see it all over the years and as you grow as a lash artist. Decide now whether or not you will allow guest, children and pets in your work space. This will also be a good section to add lash expectations for clients to be prepared as well as directions to your location and payment options.

If you need help reach out to seasoned artist in the industry, ask them what their policies and protocols are and what they advise. It doesn’t have to be scary but once you set the tone don’t fold for anything. Your time is valuable and so are you!


As Always,
The LT Team