LT Ambassador- Ashley Murray

Business, Lash News

It’s Friday so you know what that means… Spotlight Time! Today we will be spotlighting one of our very own ambassadors, Ashley Murray!

Name: Ashley Murray

Instagram Handle/Website: @Ashleymurraymua

Location: Ocala, Florida

Name of Salon/Studio: MuAshley Beauty Suite


How long have you been lashing?
4 years

What made you decide to be a lash artist? 
As a makeup artist I wanted to expand my business into the lash world.

What is your favorite thing about being a Lash Artist? 
I love the reaction when clients sit up and look in the mirror after a wonderful 2 hour nap.

Have you taken any continuing education or advanced classes in lash artistry? If so, when and what? 
Yes, I have taken 2 lash courses my latest class was a mega volume course by Blissful Blinks

How long have you been using Lash Tavern products? 
Almost 2 years

What is your favorite Lash Tavern product and why? 
I love Lash Taverns lash trays specifically, the easy fan trays they make lashing easy!

What are your hobbies outside of lashing? 
Roller skating. I played Roller Derby for over 10 years and was also a speed skater.

What is the hardest lesson you have had to learn while lashing? 
Isolating unruly lashes

Do you have any advice for new lash artists?
Practice makes better lashing. Stick with it! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about yourself that we haven’t asked about? 
I’m also a makeup artist and a mother of 2 beautiful girls.

Thank you Ashley for all you do and for being one of our ambassors!