Creating Aftercare Kits

Education, Lash Care, Products

Do you give or retail lash extension aftercare kits for your clients? If not or if you want to revamp your kit this is the blog for you!

You will find lots of creative ways to make and create client aftercare kits on Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms. In this article we are going to teach you about the importance of kits, our personal kit we retail on LT, as well as how to ball on a budget and create your own.

Giving and retailing aftercare kits can and will open so many doors for you and your business. We highly suggest giving a kit to first time clients or those that are newer with a full set service and making it a part of the service price. We also suggest retailing what ever you decide to place in you kits so that when they run out of the product or item they can come back and purchase it from you. Plus who doesn’t like a free little gift, that helps with their investment and yours.

In our kit at LT we include in a bag; a client care card, our crystal foam cleanser, 25 flocked applicators, a travel wand and cleansing brush. We also have to option to include a lash extension safe sealant and/or mascara.

If you are ballin on a budget something you could do to save money is create an aftercare card graphic to text or email your client. This is a great idea to have on hand to send to clients who loose their cards or forget all the aftercare instructions. Something else you can do is save your lash trays and place an aftercare card, a covered spoolie (pro tip: use paper straws and cut them to use as covers) and something else cute and small to just help them and show you care. We do highly suggest eventually gifting a cleanser, this will give them at least a month of product and when they come back for a fill or fresh set they will be more inclined to purchase a new one.

You can even create a kit with all your favorite products from different brands. You can add a lip mask or under eye masks for fun! No matter what your clients will feel special and extra appreciated if you take this extra step.

Express to your clients the importance of taking care of and putting back into their investment. Cleansing is the number one way to help insure a longer lasting investment and retention. By doing this you are not only educating your clients and showing that you’ll go the extra mile but it will also be better for your business in the long run.

See ya in the next one!