The Discount

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How many times have you been asked to discount your service or practice on someone for free? How many of those people were your friends and family?

We are not here to tell you what to do or how to run your business but we are here to make you think from a different perspective and to share from our experiences.

Think about this, celebrities make plus or minus millions within a year and we are completely willing to pay full price for concerts, movies and memorabilia. On the other hand small business owners take home anywhere from 20-100k a year and are constantly being asked for a discount or something free.

Think about that for a second.

Now apply it to your own life and business. How does that make you feel? Don’t get us wrong of course we’d love to give all of our family and friends discounts but then where is the line drawn. Some artist will only discount for their mom or bestie and we totally get it, where others will only for other artist or do trades.

Here’s our take do what is best for YOU (not them) and YOUR business, but also think about how you would do anything to support a friend or family member, including paying full price for whatever service or good they provide. This is why it’s good to implement a loyalty program.

Take what you want and it apply it or don’t. Just remember you’re providing a service for someone and if you know your worth they should to.

Til Next Time Babes!