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Did 2020 make you question everything? With the constant shut down and re-opens did you question your role in the industry? Well let us tell you something, YOU ARE ESSENTIAL and no one can label you otherwise. 

At the end of it all it’s not just lashes. You are providing a service, an all around environment that gives clients and yourself expectations of each other. You are allowing someone to treat themselves to a break, to some self love and self care. The environment in which you create within your space and with your clients is SO important. This initially is what will set you up for success or failure with clientele and turnover rates. It is also how you will keep from burning out. You must protect your energy and your space at all cost.

2020 affected everyone in different ways but I think we can all agree that everyone felt the slumps. Let’s make 2021 a year of growth. Growth within our selves, our artistry and our business. In order to achieve this you have to believe in the importance of what you really give to people, and babe it’s not just lashes! Make this the year of setting goals and crushing them, the year of not taking NO for an answer, and a year of no toxicity. It’s okay to put yourself first sometimes! It’s okay to be assertive and go after what you want. And girl, it is OKAY to cut off and break up with any relationship that isn’t fitting for YOU and your business.

This last year has forced us to make changes and adapt both personally and service wise, and honestly as hard as it was for all of us it forced us to grow and change in ways we never knew how to or didn’t think we could. But we did it! We survived 2020.

With that being said get out a piece of paper, section it into 3 parts: Self (mentally, physically, emotionally), Artistry (your trade, services, and talents), and Business (growth, what’s next/new, where do you want to be?). Get writing and get to crushing those goals, cause babe YOU ARE ESSENTIAL. 


Sara Randall

Sara Randall

Founder, Lash Master