Is it Your First Time?

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No? Okay just skip this post…

But if it is, follow along! 

And by first time we mean lashes of course. Today, we are talking about how to prepare yourself and your client for their first time ever receiving lashes.

The key thing to remember is making sure your client is fully prepared, relaying realistic expectations and client aftercare. You really can’t stress these enough.

Making sure you communicate with your client clearly before their appointment is imperative as it will set the tone for everything moving forward. Make sure you explain to them the importance of having absolutely no eye makeup on at the time of their appointment.  If they miss this info, this is a great opportunity to educate as well as up-charge for cleansing. Communicate to your client how long the appointment could last and to make sure to wear comfortable clothes, remove their contacts prior and wear their glasses or bring their contact case with them. Invite them to bring head phones, water, a snack and whatever they need to make sure they are relaxed and comfortable. It is also important for you to be comfortable as well. You can achieve this by also wearing clothes you can comfortably lash in, eat prior, have water on hand to sip, stretch and ground yourself before each appointment and make sure you adjust your chair correctly. 

A really important thing to remind your clients before their appointment is to avoid drinking caffeine and too much water. Caffeine is a stimulant and can therefore cause the clients eyes to rapidly move or twitch under the tape and eye pads. We obviously all know what drinking too much water before an appointment can do… so make sure to remind your clients to avoid too many breaks.

Another way to prepare your client for their first set is to be straight forward in your ability and what their expectations should be. Each client’s first time experience is going to be different. After all, each time you lash it’s different isn’t it? Make sure they are aware of the shedding process, possible reactions, how they can/will feel, and the kicker… AFTERCARE! 

A way for you as the artist to be prepared and to stand out is by offering aftercare kits for first time clients. By creating these and making them a part of the service price, you will not only stand out but you can grow your retail immensely. You can also buy pre-made kits from Lash Tavern to make it really simple. Here at LT, our kits include: a client aftercare card, our Crystal Foam Lash Cleanser and cleansing brush (we suggest cleansing the lashes once a day at night before bed), flocked applicators, a travel mascara wand and gift bag with the option to add on our Hello Dolly Extension Safe Mascara and Lash Guard Sealant. 

You can create your care package to completely tailor to your clientele, just make sure your clients understand how and why it is so important to keep their investment clean and taken care of in the long run.

By incorporating these tips and tricks, yours and their first time will go so much smoother.


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Sara Randall

Sara Randall

Founder, Lash Master