What They Wish They Knew pt.2

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Before we dive into this blog make sure you go back and read part one! There are lots of good tips and advice from seasoned lash artist on what the majority wish they knew before they got into the industry. Part two will be touching on some more things they wish they knew and we will dive deeper on some topics in blogs to come and who knows maybe there will even be a part three!

In the first blog post we talked a lot about the business side of things with clientele, policies and continuing education. In this blog we will be talking about the positive things you can say and do to uplift and invest in yourself as an artist.

First you have to remind yourself that it’s a lot more than applying lashes. When it get’s hard, and it will, Don’t Give Up! Most importantly, KNOW YOUR WORTH! Always stay true to yourself. When it comes to clients do not let them push you around or determine your schedule or your prices. Stand your ground and stay professional even if a client is being difficult. Do not be easily taken advantage of, even by friends or family who want discounts or freebies. Supporting you means they understand your worth too and they should want to pay you your worth.Last but not least, make sure to pay yourself. This can be hard to know how to especially when first starting out but don’t make it a habit, track everything and keep a file of your earnings and purchases.

Be open to new ideas and ways to do things. There’s no right or one way to do something, there are always multiple ways to get the same outcome. You can not grown in comfortability, so challenge yourself. You may have learned it one way in the beginning but the industry is always growing and changing so you must learn to adapt or you will be left behind.

Invest in yourself, always try to stay educated and up to date. Get proper training and mentors to pour into you. Do your own research! Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet. Gain experience, watch videos, take classes, and follow brands and artist that you admire. Test multiple brands. Use multiple brands. Get familiar with different eye shapes and lash maps. Mapping, lengths and curls are everything when trying to achieve professional sets. Different maps compliment different eyes so it’s important to learn multiple.

Lashing just like anything else will come with it’s own trials and struggles but the relationships you create and the people you meet will be so worth it in the end. If not then it’s just not for you and that is okay too!

Catch ya in our next blog!
-The LT Team