It’s Not Just A Course, It’s THE Course

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Believe it or not the lash extension course in which you are trained sets the course for your business. It’s literally your foundation. Now that being said, it doesn’t mean the course can’t change. When talking amongst other lash artist many say they wish their first course taught them more or that they wish they did more research before hand.

Lash course credibility you will find is far and in between but so important when starting your lash career. It is also important to continue your education as the Industry is ever changing.

Read our past blog on the “10 Must Haves in a Lash Course”. This blog breaks down things you should look for and must haves you’ll want and need.

Depending on where you live licensing and certification are something you need to know and research before you ever pay for a course. In most states you MUST be a licensed professional in order to lash. That means cosmetology or esthetics schooling prior to certification. The reason for this is because they train you deeper on sanitation and safety protocols. Furthermore in some states as well as some businesses (if you choose to work for someone) do not accept all or just any course certifications. So if you are wanting to work for a company double check with them that 1. they don’t already offer some kind of training or course and 2. that they will accept the certification from the lash course of your choosing.

If you take away anything from this blog please let it be this; DO YOUR RESEARCH! Do not believe everything you read on the internet. Research multiple courses for yourself and compare them to each other. Then ask others about their education process and their experience with different courses.

These things are so important to know ahead of time so that your time and money are not wasted. Investing in your future should be a wholesome learning experience and we would hate for you like many others to learn the hard way.

Remember to RESEARCH!

As Always,
The LT Team