What They Wish They Knew pt.1

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We asked a group of lash artist what they wish they knew before they started lashing and this blog post will be part one of the answers we received.

In part one we will be listing the main topics artist wish they knew and briefly touch on each. In the future there will be blogs diving deeper on certain subjects, so make sure to follow us to stay up to date!

By far the BIGGEST thing lash artist across the board wish they knew was how straining and damaging lashing can be on the body if you do not have the correct form and posture. Do your research and practice your posture as well as implement stretching before and after clients into your daily schedule. Maybe even a little pause during! We will definitely be going more in depth on this subject in the future.

The second biggest point that was said was about client care and interactions. There were SO many things said on this subject but the main ones that stuck out were boundaries when it comes to standing your ground with clients and knowing natural lashes limits in order to not damage them. When it comes to your clients and communication, stand your ground, know your worth and your works worth. Do not let clients talk you into lowering your prices or take advantage of your time. When it comes to natural lashes sometimes the long and/or heavy fans will be too much for them and can cause retention issues, damage to their lashes, less revenue and in return creates more work for you. Remind them of this and let them know that shorter lengths can give them a denser look and will look better over all as they grow out.

This leads to the next point. Have a written policy! The topics that were brought up to have policies on were; late shows, late cancellations, no shows, payment methods, guest/children, and amount of lashes need for a fill/fill policy. Stick to your policies for everyone, and know that it is okay to change a policy as you learn and grow.

Last but not least education over all was a continuous subject lash artist wish they would’ve known better before diving in. Things like course credibility (this is huge, check ours out!), checking to see if the place you are wanting to work takes certificates from that specific course before hand, as well as to continue courses throughout your career were the most popular responses. To be more specific things like different ways to fan, tweezer and product education, as well as eye shape and lash map knowledge were also stated under these categories. Some courses will touch on these subjects while others will not even mention them, it’s important to do your research on courses. Ask around to fellow artists, message the course educators and remember you will most likely take more than one course in your career.

We hope by reading this you will take it upon yourself to research what is best for you as you start your new journey in the lash industry!

Stay tuned for part two!
As Always,
The LT Team