Battle of the Eye Pads

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When deciding between our lint free eye pads and our contoured eye pads for your clients make sure you are fully educated on the benefits of each. We have typed up everything you need to know in order to confidently make your decisions.

Lash Tavern’s Lint Free Eye Pads can be bought in quantities of 10 or 100. They have a lighter gel for less expansion and irritation. This is huge for clients with sensitive eyes and skin. Their crescent shape is formed to match the contour of the eye area and with superior hold these eye pads will stay in place.

Lash tavern’s Contoured Eye Pads can also be bought in the same amount of quantities as the lint free eye pads. Although they differ in shape with notches to further fit unique eye areas. These premium eye pads have a thinner thickness to them to offer optimal comfort.

Eye style of eye pad can be cut and/or manipulated to work best for you and your clients. As always they do have an expiration date so if you are wanting to test multiple styles of eye

We also retail mini bio gel eye pads for sensitive clients as well as those with high cheek bones or deep set eyes.

Remember not all clients are the same, therefore you might need to have multiple kinds of eye pads to satisfy your clientele.

We hope this helped guide you on your journey to choosing what eye pads are best for your business.

You Already Know,
The LT Team