Tip Tip Hooray!

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WARNING: Sensitive Subject

Through generations to generations the topic of tipping has always been controversial. Even in our industry there are two different sides and views on tipping.

The verdict: should tips be expected? No, not necessarily because a tip should be seen as a gift or something given out of courtesy.

With that being said the arguments are this; 1. No tips should not ever be expected. If you feel they should then raise your prices to meet that standard, and the other being 2. Yes tips should always be given and expected because you are giving someone a service.

Whether you believe in karma or not, we think it’s always acceptable to tip any one who is serving you or giving you a service. If you put goodness out into the world it will come back to you in tender mercies. Most people believe you only tip depending on how well the service was. Some were taught that if you can’t afford to tip you can not afford the service. Then there are those that don’t tip ever because they believe the server or service provider should be compensated already.

Something to remember is most small businesses thrive off of tips. Service prices are set on products used and time, and most of that money goes right back into the business. Tips can make or break someones bills let alone being able to do something extra for themselves or their family.

As service providers you shouldn’t expect anything from your clients, quite frankly it should be the other way around. As long as you are doing your part to treat others and going above and beyond for your clients you will receive more than you ever could imagine.

Radiate positivity and kindness!

Til Next Time,
The LT Team