Peace in Your Space


Let’s be real for a second, 2020 was HARD! With that being said we think this is a very important topic to discuss going into the new year. If someone were to ask you what peace means to you, what would you say? Would you think about the meaning, words that you associate with it, or would you think about it on personal terms?

What about your personal peace? Professional peace? Let’s dive deeper and dissect your peace in your space! Whether that’s your studio, the room you’re renting or the space you have inside another business. Why is this so important you may ask; because as a service provider you will have all walks of life enter your space, and with them comes their own personal baggage and energies. It is so easy to take that on and it can be exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally. So what do you do or what can you do to protect that inner peace and environment?


Have you ever grounded yourself? Could you imagine what the effect would be to your energy if you did it BEFORE every client? First, have your feet and hands flat on a surface’ such as the floor and your lash table. Second, take 3 deep breaths in and 3 deep breaths out. Really focus on a slow pace and clear your thoughts. Last, invite good energy in and manifest positivity within your work space. Set your intention for your day. Some positive affirmations will also do the trick.


You simply can not pour from an empty cup babe. Therefore, you MUST take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Make sure on your down time you give yourself a break. Now self care looks different for everyone, so do whatever you need to do in order to get your mind, body and soul right. Make sure you are eating right, getting plenty of sleep, and moving your body. Light stretches before and after each client can do wonders for your body.


Did you know there are natural sources that can help cleanse the energy in your environment? Obsidian is a black, glossy crystal known for its stabilizing and grounding effects. It is perfect for drawing in and warding off scattered or negative energies. Jade, most commonly used for our glue dots, are actually referred to as the happiness stone. It is believed to bring good luck and positive energy. Although there are many different types of quartz, clear quartz can help you align your highest self with your highest potential. These stones and crystals can be worn, placed around and in the corners of your space as well as used during a service. Herbs like sage can be used to cleanse the area after each service as well. Burning sage in your space is meant to cleanse and dispel any negative energy.

No. 4: MUSIC

This might be our favorite way to regain our inner peace here at LT. Whether it’s a pre-shift jam sesh in the car or a good workout playlist we ALWAYS have music going in the background. We highly suggest making mood playlists; you can have an upbeat one while setting up your space and preparing for your day, an energetic neutral playlist while you have clients and are lashing, or you can even create a zen/soothing playlist for after a stressful day to recoup. Music can be very healing and therapeutic. You know, like that song you scream and cry to in the shower? No? Just us? But, in all seriousness, music can be an incredibly motivating thing to incorporate throughout your space.

Last but not least, remember you are not a therapist. You are there to help make someone feel better and beautiful. It is not your job to take their problems upon yourself or fix their inner peace. It is your job to take care of yourself and your peace. We’re not saying not to listen to your clients or be there for them, but do set boundaries. “There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.” -Martha Graham.

Make 2021 YOUR year!


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