Invest In Them

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By investing in your clients you are investing in yourself and your future. Investing in yourself therefore leads to investing in being your best for your clients. As a lash artist and/or small business owner investing back into yourself and clients can easily be swept under the rug but, it might just be one of the most important things you can do for your business. Not only can it boost revenue but also it will show your clients how much you care about them and staying up to date in your field of expertise.

Our industry is always growing and advancing so there is always something new to learn or improve on. By continuing your education and training throughout your career you will always make sure you are up to date with your services. As new treatments come out you can offer them and boost your business.

Decide what your focus is on and perfect your craft. You do not want to overwhelm yourself or your clients by trying to learn anything and everything to offer as services. Your clients will grow with you, especially your day ones.

Besides taking the time to advance your knowledge and skills there are other ways you can invest in your clients specifically. It doesn’t have to be expensive or some grand gesture. Simple things like promotions, loyalty systems, and little gifts here and there, such as lash bath, eye and lip masks and coupon cards can be something to incentives your clients and keep them rebooking.

Remember no one grows where they are comfortable.

Talk to ya in the next blog!
The LT Team