Head, Shoulders, Knees and Hands

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As lash artist we all feel the effects of lashing both mentally and physically. It is so important to take care of your overall health. We know you hear it all the time from your mother, but seriously your body will quickly feel the effects of being a lash artist, especially if you do not practice good posture.

Having good posture and practicing it does not only have to be with in the walls of your lash room. When lashing NEVER hunch or curve your back over your client. Not only will this cause you pain but long term posture issues and possible herniated discs. Make sure your chair is high enough that you won’t have to become a gymnast in order to do their lashes. Make sure you ground yourself with both feet flat on the ground and move your chair as needed. It is good to get a chair with wheels on the bottom for easy movement.

Although having perfect posture can not guarantee you won’t ever have aches and pains there are other things you can implement to avoid them. We highly suggest investing in a foam roller. These can be used at night before you go to bed to roll out your muscles. Stretching often will also help. Try implementing stretching before and after every client, maybe even during the appointment if needed.

Physical activity such as yoga and specific exercises for your back, neck and wrists can also benefit you. Every so often you should treat yourself to massages or even an appointment with your local chiropractor. By setting these selfceare appointments you are in return investing into your business and making sure you are going above and beyond to be there for your clients.

Unfortunately even by implementing all of these things in your day to day life they will not inhibit your body of feeling the mental, emotional and physical toll of providing a service on someone and all that it takes. That’s the joys of hard earned work!

Stay Healthy!
-The LT Team