Giveaways- Go or No?

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Giveaways can be somewhat of a controversial subject in the industry. While some shout YES others groan NOOOO. As everyone has different experiences that are valid to back their reasons why, we are going to share with you two very different experiences from separate artists on why they may or may not do giveaways. Will also give you some ideas on how to do some giveaways if you are interested.

Let’s start with positives first. An artist talked to us about how when she first started she would do giveaways to promote her business and get her name out there. As she did this she realized how quickly her clientele went from friends and family to local strangers around her. Her business flourished and she gained many new loyal customers. She still continues to do giveaways to give back to those that continue to support her.

While the artist above had a positive experience with giveaways and advises to be all for them another artist did not have the same feelings or scenario. This lash artist tried the giveaway route and was quickly taken advantage of. At this time her giveaway was for a free new set and her standard policy at the time was any excessive fallout with in the first 48hrs she would fix it for free. She unfortunately had many clients take advantage of her kindness and time and ended up making the decision to stop doing giveaways all together.

Lashing like anything comes with pros and cons. It is up to you and the process of trial and error to decide your promos and how they are ran or otherwise.

If you choose to go the route of doing giveaways here are some ways you can create them:

Entries by following, liking the photo and tagging one friend in the comments and an additional entry or more for reposting and tagging in their story.

A $5 or more entry fee depending on your prices and following

Some kind of creative contest

Adding friends to a group or inviting them to like/follow a page

There’s so many ways you can get creative and implement giveaways and discounts if you choose to do so. Over all running a business is about trying different things and learning as you go. Test some things, see if they work for you if not then you learned something.

Do you do giveaways or have you in the past? DM us your experiences, we’d love to hear!

As Always,
The Lt Team