Get Out There

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Yeah we said it! Get Out There! Girl get your name out there, your workout there and your product out there. In this blog we are giving you 5 things you can do to get your name out there and help advance your clientele.

No. 1 : Word of Mouth
This is one of the biggest ways to get your name out in the industry. Ask your clients, friends and family to promote you as well as repost and tag you on their socials. It’s free marketing!

No. 2 : Social Media Promos
Create specials and/or promotions monthly or even seasonally on whatever platforms you use for your business. Did you know you can even pay for ads and promotions on some platforms to get more traffic and interaction?

No. 3 : Customer Service
Okay you should already know this is HUGE! Huuuugeee! We all know customer service can be an instant turn off whether it’s too much or not enough. Make sure to always check-in with your clients in advance to confirm, always greet clients with kindness, never act too busy or rush your clients and always handle rescheduling and any other issues with professionalism. Not only are you representing your business but your name.

No. 4 : Referrals
This one is just a fun incentive for your clients that helps you gain more clientele but in return helps them as well. It can be a free little gift or dollar amount/ percentage off a service!

No. 5 : Loyalty Program
Creating a loyalty program is a lot like like the referral incentive but geared more towards your consistent V.I.P. clients that continue to come back. Something like a stamp or punch card can be given and after so many sets, fills or appointments a larger incentive such as free product, free service or extremely discounted service can be rewarded.

We hope you enjoyed these fun ways you can give your business a lift or shift.

As Always,
The LT Team