Sunscreen & Salt Water

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Let’s talk summer retention. Does it differ from the other seasons? The answer is YES! But that’s not the only time it’s affected, of course as we all know climate/humidity from location to location also plays a huge factor.

When it comes to the summer months we can say for most people days are spent outside, with lots of water activities and hopefully sunscreen. Then nights are spent around camp fires, going out and at parties! The activities we do and products we use play a large factor in our retention issues as well.

For our Arizona locals and anyone else in hot climates, extreme heat can poorly affect the lashes. Just as extreme humidity can. Negative affects can also be caused by blow dryers, bon fires, grills and any other type of heat. This is definitely something to be cautious of and educate your clients on, even though a majority are out of our control.

Advise your clients to use a lash bath daily and always cleanse and pat dry after each time they swim. This is especially important when in salt water because the salt will harden the lashes and make them crunchy and uncomfortable.

Due to the heat and swimming we would all hope our clients are wearing sunscreen. With that being said most sunscreens contain oils and as we sweat the sunscreen and its oils start to shift and drip down, which could cause contamination on the lash line if not careful.There are sunscreens that are oil-free you can recommend and suggest, you can even look into retailing one. When applying SPF advise your clients to avoid the eye area while applying and try to wear sunglasses! This is another reason to make sure your clients are stocked up on lash bath and all their cleansing needs. Summer can be a positive profit for your retail sales, utilize it.

It is ALWAYS pertinent to express the importance of keeping lashes clean but especially while they’re enjoying certain activities more than ever!

Have A Great Summer!
Xoxo LashTavern