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LT Lash Guard is the perfect addition to any client aftercare regimen. This clear sealant gives the lashes a protective barrier that repels dust, sweat, oil and cosmetics, extending the retention and life of your extensions. ⁣

Lash Artist Application: ⁣
Use a clean disposable mascara wand to apply the sealant to your clients’ lashes after nanomisting/nebulizing.⁣

At Home Application:⁣
Use included mascara wand to apply sealant to lashes, as you would apply mascara. May be applied 2-3 times a week. ⁣

Volume Application:⁣
Sealant should not be applied to volume lashes with a mascara wand to avoid closing your fans. Sealant is best applied using a clean microbrush and applied to just the base of the extensions.

🔹Shampoo your lashes daily (and every time you get out of the pool/hot tub/lake/ocean)
🔹Keep CLEAN mascara wands on hand to avoid trace amounts of oils and cosmetics
🔹Avoid applying sunscreen immediately around the eyes
🔹Schedule your fill appointments ahead of time. Vacations and pushing your appointments out can can interrupt keeping those sets full and fluffy


Sara Randall

Sara Randall

Founder, Lash Master