New Year… New You?

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Did you make any new years resolutions in January? What about business specific resolutions? Although we may not know what the rest of 2021 has in store, we are firm believers here at LT of making goals and crushing them. No matter the circumstances or time frame! We put together a blog to help you come up with different resolutions for your business as a lash artist.

Continue Your Education

Like any trade or specialty it is always important to stay seasoned and always grow with the industry. Make it a goal to take a new certification class or a business course at least once a year. Hone in on what you do best or what you enjoy the most. Sometimes courses and classes aren’t so easily available, in that case take it upon yourself to do some research and find out for yourself. If that doesn’t work then get your creative juices flowing a create something you wish there was more of. There is no harm in learning new things or ways and there are always infinite possibilities.

Stand Firm In Your Worth

GIRL! If anything else in 2021, KNOW YOUR WORTH! As a service provider we can not stress that enough. Do not feel bad for running your business the way you see fit. It is okay to raise your prices, it is okay to cut off clients that do not benefit your future, and it is OKAY to say no. Confidence is key and if you’re a boss, WORK IT! Know your works worth, set your prices according and the rest will follow. Your friends, family and customers come to you because they love your work and they trust you. They should be more than willing to pay your prices in support of you because of those things. Stand firm babe, and own it!

Say NO, More

Not no more, say the word NO…more! Now read that again. It is so easy as a lash artist to want to do any the things for all the people and spread ourselves thin. Can you think of a time you said yes, when you really should’ve said no? Are you one to typically feel guilty for saying no?
Well this year DON’T. Saying no to clients that ask you to cheapen your work or for discounts may feel like a scary decision in the moment and you might loose clients because of it but it will be so much better for your business in the long run if you do. You are more than allowed to say no to ANY and EVERYTHING or relationship that doesn’t benefit you.

Share + Educate

This one is huge! How many times do we just hand our clients the after care cards or just message instructions? Why not take some time during the lash services to share some tips and tricks with them and educate them. By doing this you not only can strengthen your relationship with that client but it will open up more opportunities. You can use that time to advise them as well as suggest new or different styles, colors and services. Teaching others not only helps you memorize but can also bring you out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone. It may even teach you about yourself and make you realize you also like educating, which can also open so many doors for you in return.

Try New Things

Babe, try new things! What’s holding you back? Comfortably. Well let us tell you, comfortably is the enemy of growth. It’s okay to cheat on your favorite adhesive or lash, and you can never have enough tweezers or other products. Who knows you may find you like how two different brands work together. Some brands, like our own have ambassador programs for you to help grow in knowledge and product knowledge alike. Don’t worry we completely understand the financial burden that comes with trying new things and products, with that being said make sure you are following a long on suppliers socials and be in different pages/groups on Facebook to always be in the know when sales or deals are happening. Take advantage of sales and educational opportunities. Don’t be afraid to take new classes, try new products or new techniques. There is a lesson in every experience, even failure, without it how could we truly learn?

Self Love, Self Care, Self Peace

If you haven’t read our blog post titled “Peace In Your Space” make sure you do. This year we want to be more selfish, but not in a bad way. As lash artist we spend SO MUCH time being selfless and providing for others. Well now is the time to pour into yourself! Every morning when you wake up, before you check your phone, go to the mirror and compliment yourself. Tell yourself one thing you love about you. It can be physically, mentally, the list goes on. You are your biggest critic, but remember you are also your biggest cheerleader. Be selfish with YOUR time. Take time and make time out of each week, actually each day for yourself! Do some self care, even if it’s little. Last but not least, make sure your self and your space is at peace. It’s impossible to obtain this at all times but acknowledging it and striving to have peace consistently really will notably change your business atmosphere but you life.


Biggie but a goodie. If you don’t want growth in 2021 what are you doing, because let’s be real every one wants to grow in some way or another. What does growth look like for you? Do you have a growth plan? We advise making a visual, like a vision board or chart, something you can see so that when you crush your goals (because you will) you can mark them off and it helps you stay on track and keep going. It’s so easy to get down on yourself when you don’t see large amounts of growth, but remember even the smallest achievements are still growth. Growth is define by anything that is measurable. We’ve got the rest of the year to kick some butt, let’s do it!

Your LT Team!