Mink vs. Faux Mink

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A big topic of discussion in the Industry and amongst new artist is the difference between mink lash extensions and faux mink as well as should they be celebrated or disintegrated. At the end of the day that is your preference and for you to personally decide. We hope to educate you enough that you will be able to make a confident decision.

Authentic mink are the thinnest and lightest out of all lash extension materials. These extensions are made with real animal’s hair or fur. The process to obtain the material is very extensive, this makes them neither vegan nor cruelty free. Mink lashes are also highly expensive, so that is something to think about when shopping for lashes, the more expensive your product the higher your prices. Because they are made from real hair/fur they tend to lose their curl easily and can be very inconsistent. Allergic reactions and other eye conditions often occur so it is important to ask detailed questions in your intake form.

Faux mink lash extensions are made to give that real mink look without having to use real animal fur or hair, making them completely cruelty free and vegan. All the lashes we use at LT are cruelty free for that reason.The price difference is significantly lower than authentic mink due to them being fibers made out of polybutylene terephthalate also known as PBT, and more easy attainable. Fun fact: toothbrush bristles are made from the same material! Something important to remember about eyelash extension made from PBT is that the quality can vary greatly. Some extensions will feel plasticky and hard where others soft and mailable. Another term for lashes that are not real mink are called synthetic.

Sometimes lash suppliers will market their faux mink lashes as mink, so if you are ever unsure make sure to ask your supplier.It is also important to note that the aesthetic or finish of the lash extension will differ from glossy, satin or matte; and from supplier to supplier.

Quality and consistency are two main things to really research and understand when choosing what supplies you are going to use with in your business. Over all you have to do what is going to be best for you and your clients in the long run. Remember what works for you and yours might not always work for every one else.

Til next time!
The LT Team