LT Spotlight- Shawn Geranen

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It’s Friday so you know what that means… Spotlight Time! Today we will be spotlighting Shawn Geranen from Carlsbad, California. She has been lashing since the beggining and has followed along with us on our journey!

Shawn Geranen

Instagram Handle/Website:

Carlsbad, Ca

Name of Salon/Studio:
Urban Lashes

How long have you been lashing? Where did you receive your certification/training? 

I have been lashing since late 2004. I was certified by Xtreme Lashes in 2005.

What made you decide to be a lash artist? 

Originally I had no interest in lashes. It was a mandatory training for all the esthetician’s in the salon I worked at, at the time. Soon after the fear of my first few sets, I fell in love with the magic that lashes make. The sparkle of my clients and the self esteem boost that they walk out the door with, was my reason for loving lashes.

What is your favorite thing about being a Lash Artist? 

My favorite thing about being a lash artist is being able to give my clients the opportunity to feel really pretty and confident. I specialize in very natural looking lashes. Lashes for challenging situations, health related, thyroid, cancer recovery, and the occasional snapped 1/2 my lashes off with a lash curler kind of challenges.

Have you taken any continuing education or advanced classes in lash artistry? If so, when and what? 

Over the years I have taken many classes and attended industry seminars and conferences. I love to see what’s new and learn about the most up to date healthy lash application techniques.

How long have you been using Lash Tavern products? 

I’m pretty sure I’ve been using Lash Tavern products since the beginning of Lash Tavern.

What is your favorite Lash Tavern product and why? 

I love the multi length lashes! I use them in so many different applications. The curls are so natural and easy to duplicate an undetectable natural looking set.

What are your hobbies outside of lashing? 

My hobbies are many but these are my favorite! Hiking, golf, kayaking, boogie boarding and dancing.

What is the hardest lesson you have had to learn while lashing? 

To slow down and focus on one lash at a time!

Do you have any advice for new lash artists?

Don’t rush, and don’t compare your self to another stylist. Choose an educated mentor that you trust. Go to as many in-person classes you can, and get personalized advice.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about yourself that we haven’t asked about? 

I’ve ran the gambit of lashing. I’ve worked for high end fast paced salons, owned esthetic salons, and now work solo at my salon studio. I mentor and teach customized private classes for those who prefer a lot of one on one attention. This is really the best industry to be apart of!

Thank you Shawn, for being our spotlight of the week. We are proud of the work and artistry you provide lash clients in California!