It’s More Than Lashes

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Ever get into a slump or a rut? Find yourself going through the day to day motions. Live to work, work to live. Unmotivated to try new things or push yourself. Constantly stressing on all the things you MUST do and letting go of the things you should do. The things that motivate you, refresh you and give you life slowly start to feel exhausting… Frustrated and feeling unfulfilled?

Being a lash artist is so much more than lashing. It’s your blood, sweat and tears. It’s your time, your money and all your efforts. It’s not just a business it’s your baby.

You are more than a service provider, you’re a business owner, a beauty queen, an empowerer, a cheerleader, a boss, a leader, a therapist (I know you feel that one), but outside of that you are a friend, daughter, sister, lover, and so much more, you are you!

The power of being you in so unique and special because there is no one like you. No one feels what you feel, looks how you look or sees what you see. No one has been through will go through the same exact experiences you have.It’s different, you’re different. Use that, run with that, feel whole in that.

Stop letting the little things get to you. Everyone has had poor experiences with clients, it’s how you learn, grow and adapt. Everyone has slumps and slow seasons, this gives you opportunities to advance and change.

Join lash groups and make friends with other artists! Use others in the industry as support when you are feeling low. We can guarantee they’ve been there too. There is nothing wrong with asking for help or inspiration. We’ve all been there at some point and it will most likely happen again. So use the tools around you to be better prepared. Take time for yourself. Treat yourself. Love yourself. Last but not least invest in yourself.

You are your number one, and you simply can not pour from an empty cup.

Til Next Time Loves,
The LT Team