Instagram Branding


Does content planning, photo editing and trying to find the perfect caption stress you out? Well stress no more! Below is a list of helpful tips for content/creating your brand on Instagram. Make sure all your photos are in the 4×4 square! This will make everything look consistent and aesthetically pleasing. Pick a color scheme! Whether it’s one color, neutrals, or black and white; make sure it matches you and your brand. Make a list of hashtags! You can create your own that goes with your brand as well as make a list of hashtags you can use generically and specifically. Save them in your notes so that they are easily accessible every time you post. Create a posting plan or schedule! If there are certain things you want to post or post often, think about posting them on a specific day. Such as tips on Tuesday or makeup on Mondays. Make sure you stick to the schedule you created, consistency is key! There are quite a few apps that you can use to schedule in advance as well. When choosing a caption, make sure you grab the audience’s attention! Most people don’t go on Instagram to read a novel. That’s what blogs are for, so be sure to keep it attention span length. If you want more interaction make sure there is a question or a call to action. Be active every day! Whether it’s a post, a story or a live, make sure you are getting out there daily. You can use apps like Canva to create content and story highlight covers. You can also use Lightroom to edit any pictures. Be personable! People go on social media to connect. Create the culture you want on your page. Show your face, personality, and what makes you you. Like comments and reply back as soon as you are able. Take a day or block out a certain amount of time every week to create content. If you are constantly posting the same exact things people will lose interest. Post a lash set, a tip and some flat lays, maybe even a video or a reel. The possibilities for content are endless, be creative! We hope these tips help you in creating a firm Instagram foundation that will benefit you in the long run and please your customers as well! As Always, The LT Team


Sara Randall

Sara Randall

Founder, Lash Master