How To Grow Your Clientele

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New or just starting your career in the lash industry? Maybe not, but you’ve hit a slump when it comes to clientele, well this is the blog post for you!

Building your clientele in an industry that is so saturated can be really intimidating but we’re here to help. First things first, ask yourself what makes you stand out, what makes you different or special, what makes you, YOU. Okay now that you’ve answered that we want you to use it! Build your brand off of that difference. Whether it’s something you’re obsessed with, a fun name or a specific color/aesthetic you can use it. Doing so will automatically make you stand out.

Starting out slow is OKAY! You don’t need to fill your calendar over night , it will happen in time. To start, offer different discounts and specials every month, maybe even weekly if you really want but remember slow is okay. Once you start to get a couple regulars ask them to start referring new clients. Word of mouth is a great way to freely promote your business and get your name out there. You can even offer those regulars a special discount or something to thank them for helping boost your clientele and build your business. Call it a loyalty program.

This leads into our next topic of things you can do to help and give back to your clients. Everyone loves free stuff right? Making 1st time client aftercare/at home kits and making them apart of their initial first set price as well as retailing the same products will not only make your clients feel special but it will also educate them on the importance of investing in their lashes and give you the opportunity to grow your revenue with retail.

Last but probably the most important is your presence on social media. In today’s society of double tapping, reposting and reels this is a MUST for any business. Our number one advice while you’re posting is stay consistent! Be specific and consistent with your posts, when you post and with your theme/aesthetic of your page. Once you have that set and figured out make a list of hashtags you want to use to draw people to your posts, also make sure to do the location of your posts in your city and the cities that surround you. Finally, we don’t advise following a lot of lash artist or lash companies, this will over saturate your feed and can stump your creativity. Instead follow hashtags and only the artist and companies you find motivation from. Tag the companies you use in your content and go like and follow girls in your areas pictures, this will get you noticed and help boost your following as well as potential/future clientele. On more ways to grow your social media platforms and following stay tuned for a future blog post dedicated to just that!

As Always,
The LT Team