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Did you know there are currently more than 7 different letters to describe extension curls and even more combinations to create each curl design? In today’s blog, you will learn some of the main curls and which clients they are best suited for.

The market is ever changing and growing. What we see in the industry this year might not even exist next year. It is important to understand that although the same letters are used to describe the extensions across the industry, the consistency will not always be the same. You might buy the same curl style from two different companies and find that they do not have the same exact curl or even finish but be called and described as the same exact thing.

The more popular lash curls we are going to touch on today are B, C, D, L and L+. There are also J, CC, DD, M, U and LC.

B Curl: B curls give a very natural effect. They are used when styling a swoop in the outer corner of the eye or for clients desiring a natural looking set, comparative to their own natural curl. They have the most contact area making them more optimal for clients who struggle with lash retention.


C Curl: C curl is the standard curl among most technicians. C curl gives the appearance of an ‘eyelash curler’ curl, meaning they give approximately the same bend as if one was to curl their lashes with a mechanical curler. It is the preferred curl among most clients and is great for lifting downward facing lashes or opening up small eyes.


D Curl: D curl is the strongest of the 4 curls. They are high profile and are easily seen. They add lift to the lashes as well as intense curl. They are gaining in popularity as clients want more drama to their lashes. The downside to this curl is the minimal contact area and the propensity to tangle as the natural lash grows out.


L Curl: L Curl is considered a specialty lash. It provides a substantial amount of lift and no curl for clients with a hooded lid (extra skin on the eyelid) or mono-lid (no crease in the eyelid). There is a noticeable bend in the lash when viewing the profile and it is often mixed with other curls within a set.


L+ Curl: L+ Curl is also considered a specialty lash. It provides a substantial amount of lift as well as some curl for clients with a hooded lid or mono-lid. It is often mixed with other curls within a set.


We hope this served as an educational piece and that you will feel more comfortable choosing the best curl for your client.


As always,
The LT Team