Choosing Your Business Name

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Choosing the perfect name for your business and social media handles can be tricky in such a saturated industry.

First, what ever you do, DO NOT use an automated name generator you found on google. Lol…

Start with a list of all the things you provide as a service. Which service do you enjoy doing the most? Or maybe you want a name that covers them all! Scroll through social media platforms to check and see if the name is already taken or if there are already similar names. The last thing you want is to blend in, its better to stand out! You can utilize your name, state or other things that are special to you and implement them in your name, logo and over all aesthetic.

Get feedback from your friends, family and others in the industry. It’s okay to be choosy and take your time in finding the perfect name for you and your business. It’s also okay to start with one name and as your style, services and aesthetics change over time to rebrand and change your business name!

If you are wanting to create an LLC through your name there are ways to double check this before you have your heart set on something specific.

The pressure to standout and be different can be so hard sometimes. Don’t stress too much over the hustle and bustle of finding your perfect name. It will come to you. Just give it time and under on it.

You got this!
Love, LashTavern