10 Must Haves In A Lash Course

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1. Proper Sanitation
Before the appointment, during and after. This is the #1 thing you should be taught in your course. Proper sanitation is the foundation of any industry providing a service.

2. Permanent Access to Course and Training Materials
Whether it’s a book or online being able to refer back to your education and compare with others through out you career is so needed.

3. Materials
Make sure you have everything you need to at least get started practicing. As well as wholesale accounts information to restock and build your business. You should at least receive a mannequin head, two pairs of tweezers, one adhesive, tape, eye pads, a jade stone, glue dots, one primer, and a handful of wands/spoolies.

4. Product Knowledge and Education
You need to know exactly what ingredients are in your adhesives and how they can affect the skin.

5. Allergies and Irritation Knowledge
Make sure you are fully aware or different things that could go wrong and how to combat them, and the importance of patch testing.You also need to know what these reactions or irritations look like and how to handle them if/when they happen.

6. The Lash Growth Process
Duh.? The three phases, anagen, catagen and telogen and what they do are how you know what/when to lash the natural hairs. You will see all three phases at the same time so it is very important to be able to tell the difference.

7. Application
Isolation, adhesive measurements, the difference between classic and volume extension, if a volume course the difference between pro and pre made fans and how to pinch/make your own fans are all things you should be taught and feel semi-confident in by the end of your course.

8.Fills, Removal and Retention
Make sure you are taught about fills and foreign fills, the removal process and how often to start with a fresh set as well as all things retention, humidity, hygrometers, nanometers and nebulizers.

9.Waivers/Insurance/ Business Basics
Most trainings will supply generic waiver for you to start with and go off of to make your own, they also should touch on how to get insurance/ why it’s needed as well as some business basics like promoting, pictures/content and how to build clientele.

Make sure you receive an actual certificate at the end to use as well as if it qualifies in your state and if you need to be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to lash. The last thing you want to do is pay for a course, get all the way through it and realize you need more than what you got.

Don’t be afraid to shop around, ask questions and compare where other artist went. You will most likely take multiple lash courses in your career, the first isn’t always the greatest for some but once you get into it and you strive to learn and grow you will feel more confident and be able to pick out good courses from the mediocre. We hope this helped you choose what is best for you in the start of your journey as a lash artist.

As always,
The LT Team